Film Noir Special

share it …The classic area of „Film Noir“ from the 1940s / 50s is pretty much marked by the timeless attraction of the well know iconic b&w images of C. S. Bull, George Hurrell and other photographers. Here’s a collection of posts about Film Noir style, book recommendations and photo tipps.   Light is key when […]

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Noir with Rogue Flashbenders Model: Dia Dence @ Faces of Vegas

Noir with Rogue Flashbenders

share it …While the classic Hollywood photographers used constant fresnel lights, we want to create a similar look with just our speedlights – and with only the Rogue Flashbenders as lightformers.   Speedlights instead of fresnel The key element of a Fresnel light is it’s focused spot with a soft shadow. Compared to this the […]

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© Faces of Vegas

Your images suck? Mine do, too!

share it …Sometimes, when posting on social media, something strange happens: your image, which you regard as jolly good, don’t get much likes. You might feel intimidated by this and probably doubt the quality of your image.  Obviously it must be bad, as barely none of your “fans” like it.    Our featured image is called “Creepy […]

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© Renaud Marion

Air Drive, a retro-futuristic photographic series of flying cars

share it …The M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva showcases nine visionary images of ‘flying’ cars from the series Air Drive by French photographer Renaud Marion. Taking cues from his childhood imaginings and inspired by science fiction films and artists, Marion depicts his vision of futuristic transportation of wheel-less cars serenely suspended above the ground. But he has included a neat […]

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© FotoTV.

FotoTV: Fotografie lernen mit den Profis

share it …Fotografie ist ein spannendes Thema – trotzdem ist es gar nicht so einfach, aktuelle und fundierte Informationen zu finden – erst recht nicht, wenn es auch noch deutschsprachige Videos sein sollen. Hier hat sich FotoTV. zu einer nicht mehr wegzudenkenden Instanz entwickelt.    Wöchentlich dreht und veröffentlicht das FotoTV.-Team neue Filmbeiträge mit Tutorials, […]

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Model: Cat Candy K © Faces of Vegas

Creating Storytelling Images with Peter Kemp

share it …When aspiring photographers are looking to hone their skills, there are a lot of ways to get information – either via YouTube or training facilities like KelbyOne (which I can highly recommend), but also by visiting workshops to get first hand information from other photographers. And indeed a good workshop can do a lot for […]

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