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Phlearn – a fun way to learn Photoshop

share it …Quite often I get asked about my favorite photography and Photoshop learning resources. There are quite a few places I visit, but one of the sources I really use much is Phlearn. If you’re interested in learning more about Photoshop and compositing, you might like to check out this learning platform. Their video workshops cover all the […]

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pop art

Let your art pop with pop art

share it …The beauty of Photoshop is that you can create almost anything. Just grab a photograph and play with all the filters and tools and you might end up with your own unique piece of art. Or maybe you want to reproduce the style of a famous artist? You definitely can do this, especially […]

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Sources for every need (almost)

share it …Learning never stops – especially not, if you’re a photographer and you want to improve your skills. And there’s even more to learn if you include Photoshop and Lightroom. In my last post I already mentioned the Facebook group Photoshop and Lightroom as a great source for help and inspiration – but there’s […]

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