© Dirk Behlau

ALIVE – authentische, uninszenierte Fotografie von Dirk Behlau

share it …ALIVE is der neue, großformatige “Kool Lifestyle” Fotoband von Dirk “The Pixeleye” Behlau, international bekannt für seine authentische, uninszenierte Fotografie. Auf 320 Seiten gibt es einen umfassenden Einblick in die weltweite “Kustom Kulture”-Szene in der Schnittmenge aus Hot Rods, Lifestyle, Pin-Ups, Tattoos, People und Custombikes.   Das Titelmotiv von ALIVE, fotografiert von Dirk […]

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Cate © Sean Archer

Sean Archer – Top Notch Natural Light

share it …We’re pretty much used to see great images created with the help of artificial light. When it comes to natural light,the number of good images decreases instantly. Yet sometimes there are artists like Sean Archer, who really blasts you away with his feel for light and composition. His natural light portraits are absolutely stunning.  Our […]

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Come Fly With Me © Photocillin

Your visual medicine: Photocillin

share it …Since 2005 Photocillin is creating amazing retro-futuristic portraits and fashion images.  A while ago I’ve had the pleasure to meet our featured artist at a workshop by Miss Aniela and I’m following his work since, always finding new and very inspiring images.              Our feature image shows “Come fly with me” […]

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