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Kinky Bondage Obsession

share it …In “Kinky Bondage Obsession” photographer Jim Weathers has created perfect moments of extremely erotic pulp poetry. This book is a high-class hotbed of sins for Bondage fans and everyone who loves PVC, leather, latex or nylons.    In this age of new media dominance and with an omnipresence of communication tools, photographs are […]

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The one new photography book you need

share it …It might be save to assume that every photographer has at least one, if not more books about photography. Each book promising to teach the reader some insights on digital imaging, camera and lightning technique or photography in general. And don’t get me wrong, they all are great in their way. Yet there’s […]

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Tools of the trade – sort of …

share it …Getting valuable help in photography and Photoshop sometimes isn’t that easy. Of course, there are tons of tutorials, tips and videos out there – not to mention books – but still it’s hard to discriminate the reliable from the misleading information. Often the same old errors and misunderstandings are repeated from blog to […]

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