Film Noir Special

share it …The classic area of „Film Noir“ from the 1940s / 50s is pretty much marked by the timeless attraction of the well know iconic b&w images of C. S. Bull, George Hurrell and other photographers. Here’s a collection of posts about Film Noir style, book recommendations and photo tipps.   Light is key when […]

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Noir with Rogue Flashbenders Model: Dia Dence @ Faces of Vegas

Noir with Rogue Flashbenders

share it …While the classic Hollywood photographers used constant fresnel lights, we want to create a similar look with just our speedlights – and with only the Rogue Flashbenders as lightformers.   Speedlights instead of fresnel The key element of a Fresnel light is it’s focused spot with a soft shadow. Compared to this the […]

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cinematic encounters

Video for photography

share it …I recently rediscovered video for my photography. When I say video I’m not thinking along the lines of your typical holiday video clips, now filmed with a DSLR, but more in terms of a video as a way to present your photographs – an extended version of a slideshow, if you like.   […]

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The best book about light

share it …I’m probably exaggerating a bit, but to me one of the best books about lighting is neither new nor is it about photography. You won’t find any discussion about e- or iTTL, sensor sizes and not even flash duration in it and it’s amazingly old by today’s standards. I’m talking about “Painting with […]

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