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Elinchrom ELB 400 – lightweight and more Ummph

share it …Elinchrom has just released the ELB 400, the next generation of lightweight mobile flash blocks it’s successful Quadra lineup. While last generation’s Quadra sported a new lithium battery, not only extending the number of flashes but also reducing a lot of load from the Quadra-carrying photographer, the ELB 400 takes it up a notch again.  […]

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Lucky Accidents

Lucky accidents

share it …Sometimes things just don’t work out as you want them to  – this is especially true in photography. And of course then your shot is ruined. But you might better look twice before you’re going to delete the mishap. Maybe you’re just lucky and you’ll get a shot that you’ve not expected.   […]

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Models und US-Cars – Modelshooting-Workshop in Köln

share it …Tolle Models, Ami-Schlitten aus den 50ern und Rock’n’ Roll – was will man als Fotograf mehr? In diesem Modelshooting-Workshop in Köln am 22. März treten wir eine fotografische Zeitreise in die wilden 50er an und nutzen die handlichen Ranger Quadra-Blitze von Elinchrom, um unsere Rockabellas spannend in Szene zu setzen. Mit dem kompakten und leistungsstarken Ranger Quadra […]

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Pinups n' Strobists

Pinups ‘n’ Strobists

share it …Today I want to share two strobist tutorial videos with you. Photographer Ben Sant allows a glimpse behind the scenes of two Pinup shoots  -both done with just some small flashes.   I find both videos very inspirational, as they show that you don’t always need to do some heavy lifting in terms […]

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speedlight photography

The Power and Possibilities of Speedlights

share it …The guys from CamRanger – a great tethering tool, btw. – pointed me to this video  over at the YouTube channel of B&H.   In this video professional photographer Bob Davis explores light and shows the combination of available light and Speedlights. He shows the power and possibilities of using speedlights, including combining flash […]

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Elinchrom ELC flash

New ELC Flash from Elinchrom

share it …I’ve always loved Elinchrom flashes, so I might be a bit biased when I hear that the new ELC Pro HD Compacts 500 and 1000 are the worlds most complete, feature rich compact studio flash units in the professional photography field. Given the quality of the Elinchrom strobes I’ve know so far I’m pretty […]

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