Morgana Creely © Morgana Creely

Morgana Creely – creating images that tell stories

share it …Today my artist showcase features Morgana Creely, an immensely creative artist and an extremely helpful friend. Morgana is a photographic artist running her own studio Image Cinematic in Australia. She has always been drawn to images that tell stories. Old movies and photographs both hold a fascination for her – she loves to wonder what […]

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© Faces of Vegas Elinchrom Ranger Quadra - Das optimale Systemblitz-Upgrade

Is this my best shot?

share it …Today there’s been an interesting post over on Facebook in the Photography Help & Share group. Users were asked to post one image they have taken that is their favourite to date. Well, that’s not an easy task – only one image allowed from a whole bucket full of images I like.   […]

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Portfolio Reviews

share it …Portfolio reviews can easily be seen as one oft he last great masochistic tasks left for the average photographer. There he queues up waiting to get humiliated for his best shots by some bored god-like reviewer. But is this really the case?   Of course, a portfolio review is not meant to deliver […]

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