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Your images suck? Mine do, too!

share it …Sometimes, when posting on social media, something strange happens: your image, which you regard as jolly good, don’t get much likes. You might feel intimidated by this and probably doubt the quality of your image.  Obviously it must be bad, as barely none of your “fans” like it.    Our featured image is called “Creepy […]

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Is this my best shot?

share it …Today there’s been an interesting post over on Facebook in the Photography Help & Share group. Users were asked to post one image they have taken that is their favourite to date. Well, that’s not an easy task – only one image allowed from a whole bucket full of images I like.   […]

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Will Maria like me?

share it …Have you ever thought about the importance of your biography for your internet presence? Honestly, until now I did not. But I’ve not been happy with my rather boring bio for quite some time either. Only I had no idea what to do different. Writing my bio felt a bit like what Leonard […]

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The best book about light

share it …I’m probably exaggerating a bit, but to me one of the best books about lighting is neither new nor is it about photography. You won’t find any discussion about e- or iTTL, sensor sizes and not even flash duration in it and it’s amazingly old by today’s standards. I’m talking about “Painting with […]

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The one new photography book you need

share it …It might be save to assume that every photographer has at least one, if not more books about photography. Each book promising to teach the reader some insights on digital imaging, camera and lightning technique or photography in general. And don’t get me wrong, they all are great in their way. Yet there’s […]

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