Cate © Sean Archer

Sean Archer – Top Notch Natural Light

share it …We’re pretty much used to see great images created with the help of artificial light. When it comes to natural light,the number of good images decreases instantly. Yet sometimes there are artists like Sean Archer, who really blasts you away with his feel for light and composition. His natural light portraits are absolutely stunning.  Our […]

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Miss Aniela - Der Reiz im Ungewöhnlichen

Miss Aniela – a hive of creativity

share it …Fine-art fashion photographer Miss Aniela is one of the most inspiring artists I know. UK based Miss Aniela (Natalie Dybisz) propelled herself into the photography world in 2006 with self-portraiture under her alter-ego. Together with her partner Matt Lennard they are now a business and brand, Miss Aniela Ltd, and the team behind the […]

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Morgana Creely © Morgana Creely

Morgana Creely – creating images that tell stories

share it …Today my artist showcase features Morgana Creely, an immensely creative artist and an extremely helpful friend. Morgana is a photographic artist running her own studio Image Cinematic in Australia. She has always been drawn to images that tell stories. Old movies and photographs both hold a fascination for her – she loves to wonder what […]

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